Sunday, March 27, 2011


by Walt Staples -

The final break in the case.

I take a sip, the bourbon anesthetizing my tongue.

Our anniversary—26 years.

Another sip.

She lied to me—it was her all the time.


Everybody lies to cops.

Level in the bottle slightly lower.

Arrest her?

The light through the bottle glows amber.

My oath to uphold the Law?

Swish the alcohol around in the bottle.

My vow before God?


…to have and to hold…

Slide the bottle back and forth on the table.

I will discharge my duties with integrity…

I take another sip.

…for better, for worse…

Almost a dead soldier.

I will act justly and impartially…

Last swallow.

“Hello, Homicide? Let me talk to Clater.”

Bottle into the disposer.

…until death do us part.


  1. Brilliantly executed. Great job, Walt!


  2. Great job Walt--"short and sweet" and still smacks you right between the eyes--excellent
    Larry Peterson