Wednesday, June 15, 2011


by H. A. Titus -

Reeder stared out into the murky sea. It stretched as far as he could see, changing colors the further away it went. Close to the viewing bay, it was a pure, bright teal. A few feet away, the color melted into a dark blue, then a midnight blue, then inky black.

Schools of purple and yellow-striped seafish swam in circles near the viewing bay, attracted to the underwater city by the lights and the warmth. One swam straight up to the glass and knocked on it with its parrot-like beak.

Reeder laughed and knocked his knuckles against the glass. The fish retreated in alarm. A translucent shimmer floated between him and the fish. Reeder felt a strange, peaceful warmth flow into him. It wasn’t the first time he or his family members had met one of these strange underwater creatures. Angels, some called them.

Reeder was pretty sure that the one that had driven his brother mad with fear hadn’t been an angel.

The shimmer floated away, leaving behind an indiscernible gap in the view. The colors of the fish and the water seemed duller. Reeder picked up his official messenger’s bag and turned away to finish his day’s work.

Soon, he’d have enough money to explore deep into the ocean. Find out what what those creatures really were. Get a good glimpse of one.

Maybe find a cure for his brother.


  1. I find it interesting, all of these different characters wanting and trying to learn more about the angels, putting so much effort into it, and yet even after all this time so little is known about them.
    Great story, H.A.