Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Peacekeeper: Housecleaning

by Walt Staples -

First voice: I take it that your investigation is complete?

Second voice: Yes, Councilman.

First voice: And your findings are?

Second voice: He’s dirty, sir. I have the testimony of six merchants that he has solicited and taken bribes from them.

First voice: What inducement did you offer them?

Second voice: That the council would take into consideration that they acted under duress in the crime. That being so approached by a peacekeeper under those circumstances would tend to be extremely intimidating.

First voice: Continue.

Second voice: I also have shop security data that the merchants surrendered that shows the peacekeeper in the act of demanding the bribes, and receiving same.

First voice: And the charges of Moral Turpitude, Conduct Unbecoming, and Betrayal?

Second voice: He is sleeping with the wife of one of his enforcers.

Third voice: Does the enforcer know?

Second voice: Yes, Councilman, he does. It is only a matter of time before there is a murder.

Third voice: Of the wife?

Second voice: No, sir, of the peacekeeper in question. My impression is that the wife is unwilling and is keeping silent out of shame, and to protect her husband.

First voice: Have you any further evidence to introduce?

Second voice: Not at this time, Councilman.

First voice: And your recommendation?

Second voice: That the council prosecute said peacekeeper on all charges, sir.

First voice: Thank you, Peacekeeper.

Gentlemen, motion to prosecute.

Third voice: Second.

First voice: All in favor?


Thank you, Peacekeeper. You may go.

Second voice: Councilmen.

Third voice: Is that the one?

First voice: You mean about turning in his wife for the murder? Yes, that’s him. A good man; God help him.

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