Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Prize Puppy

by Joseph H. Ficor -

The Governor gave Shouhei many trivial errands to run, mostly taking things to the other aristocrats of Carlston's Cove. Everyone praised Shouhei for being so favored by the Governor. The young man's discipline was pushed to its maximum tolerances every time he heard a greater-than-thou exclaim “Here is the symbol of Bokassa's benevolence” or “Here is the epitome of rich charity.”

The other members of the security detachment chose to call him the “prize puppy.”

His “cuteness” began wearing off after a month on board the station. The Governor and other higher ups started showing disdain and boredom when he came around on official business.

Fear seized him when an Enforcer Second Class shouted at him as he passed a guard station on the Governor’s level, “Hey, prize puppy! You're going to play with the big dogs soon.”

His soul forecasted ill times ahead.

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  1. Indeed. I wonder what's going to happen.
    This series is really well written. Please keep it up!