Friday, December 23, 2011


by Jeff C. Carter -

“Hailing cargo vessel Demeter, this is Avenir flight com. We have you on approach. Incline 52 degrees and head to outer ring sector one niner zero bay twenty three. Range is eighty meters.”


“Range rate is zero point three meters per second. There is a slight roll, please adjust.”


“Cross hairs aligned, we have a good visual,copy.”


“Small oscillation in the pitch, off three meters, copy.”


“Range is twenty meters. Range rate is nominal.”


“Sevenmeters. Standing by for contact and capture. We have indicator mode.”

Give-surrender to us soft warm bodies exploding-screaming into greedy black space. Frozen blood frozen screams.

Fall-scream to planet and burn-scream. Rain-scatter down dead into oceans.

“Grapple fixture is now aligned with the latching end effector, copy.”

Rot-suffer in greedy black abyss until seas rage-boil and planet thunders-cracks.

“Range rate nominal and contact. Capture confirmed. Activate PCT sequence. Auto-dock initiated. Dampers engaged.”

Together explode-scream into greedy black space frozen blood frozen screams. Fall-scream forever into oblivion.

“Seal is good. Docking confirmed.”

God-kill-apocalypse begins-ends now. Let us out-let us in.

“Customs module eighty four is standing by. Welcome aboard Avenir.”

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