Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Avenir Eclectia Book Launch Roundup

Thanks to all our wonderful readers for Splashdown's most successful launch ever! You can now grab the book with 137 stories from this site, woven together by our own Travis Perry into a novel-like experience.

Paperback $5.98
Kindle $2.99

As part of the launch, many contributors wrote blogs and interviewed each other. Here are some great links for further exploration:

Travis Perry writes about strange worlds in science fiction
--and he compares aliens and angels, mentioning AE
Greg Mitchell interviews Travis Perry
Mary Ruth Pursselley writes about the Avenir Girls' Day
Jeff Chapman interviews Greg Mitchell
Mary Ruth Pursselley interviews Travis Perry
Heather A. Titus interviews Grace Bridges
Jeff Chapman interviews Jeff C. Carter
Mary Ruth Pursselley interviews Fred Warren

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