Monday, December 17, 2012


by Deborah Cullins Smith -

Cassie’s hands clenched at the railing along the observation window.

Jacian’s up to something. The words played and replayed as she watched his progress along the ocean floor.

An angel floated toward the window –toward Jacian—its fins raised and motioning him back. The angel’s features twisted in alarm and Cassie heard the words echoing in her own mind.
“No! Go back! Danger!”

Angels had not proven to be hostile. Yet this angel projected warnings to them both, fins waving frantically as though pushing little wavelets in Jacian’s direction would prompt him to turn back.
Jacian headed in the angel’s direction, pulling something from the side of his air tank.

Images of Jacian’s face close to her own in the observation room flashed in Cassie’s mind.

'Just a quick visit,' he pleaded...

‘A stroll in the park…’

Her hands pushing against those rock hard chest muscles.

‘Holding out for an underwater lover?’

Eyes like two ice blue diamonds…

Cassie swallowed hard, a lump in her throat and tears in her eyes. She knew he was lying even as he whispered in her ear. Why had she allowed him access to her lab? Why did she allow herself to believe he might be sincere? The credits he had thrust into her pocket felt heavier in her conscience than they had been in her pocket. She brushed the tears from her eyes and locked her attention on the figure buffeted by the sea’s deep pressure. Then she saw a glint of silver through the murky water.

A knife? Cassie’s breath caught in her throat. He went out there armed? Why?

Horror dawned in her eyes.

This isn’t contact –it’s murder!

“NO!” she shrieked, banging the glass with both fists. “Jace, you can’t!”

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