CHARACTER TYPES - Scroll down for specific characters


Miners - haul ore to power all communities
Hunters - kill native game and export to others - known also as bug hunters, because the game is mostly large insects
Sea-dwellers - The whole gamut from teachers to scientists to security guys and doctors and entertainers etc. Scientists - emphasis on multiple specialties (=Eclectia)

Students and Professors at Trinity University, Christchurch

Sea creatures - non-sentient and sentient.
Of the sentient, there are good guys and bad guys. They do have the purported spiritual abilities which vary between species and can include empathy. Can be understood as underwater angels/demons. The 'angels' can bring a sense of peace when they are close to a human. Do not communicate by words, but in images and emotions.


Admins - keep the place running. Bureaucrats.
Aristocrats - the wealthy in their luxury suites, isolated from the world, addicted to digital content mostly provided from underwater.
Cyborgs - doing household duties and other work around the station.
Techs and scientists - maintenance and innovation for Avenir.
Wizards - a subset of scientists who believe in the spirituality of the seas and attempt to make contact, mostly without success.
Children - Offspring of criminals, like to listen to wizards talk about sea creatures.
Dreamers - Descendants of Avenir's original command crew, who run the nanofactories from a virtual interface.
Merchants - buy goods from the traders and sell to the inhabitants.
Black marketeers - buy goods from smugglers and sell to whomever they can.

Members of religious orders - abbots, priests, living Bibles. A Bible-in-training is called a Manuscript, and a retired Bible who teaches Manuscripts is called a Brother.

Traders - honest shipmen ferrying supplies to Avenir.
Smugglers - not so honest. Includes those with their own ships as well as those who hire others to do aspects of their work.
Cowboys - herd ore masses across space to Avenir.

Peacekeepers - Overseen by the Peace Council on Avenir, Peacekeepers from Avenir reside in all major residential areas.  Their job is to oversee the enforcement of local laws as well as the Common Law dictated by the Peace Council.  They can be seen as plain-clothes investigators and do not carry out direct crime busting. Peacekeepers employ their own Enforcers.  Corruption has been known to exist not only among Enforcers, but sometimes within Peacekeepers.  Corruption is met with the strictest of penalties by the Peace Council.  Many Peacekeepers are dogmatic in their efforts to create a Utopian peace.

Enforcers - Hired by Peacekeepers to do the actual security work such as arrests and interventions. Uniformed.

CHARACTERS - in order of appearance.
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Writers: You may use these characters (be sure and read up on all their stories and enquire about further queued but yet unpublished episodes) OR you may invent your own characters based on the types above.

Avenir ("Ave"), aged 14 Foundings, a leader of the children on Avenir
Gavin, a boy on Avenir
Spiner, a scientist/wizard on Avenir
Eleon McManus, submarine driver on the freight run between Adagio and Zirconia
Tennant, space miner on the shattered planet Sheba
Chris and Meg Nakamura - freight traders, owners of the tanker Tau Ceti Maru
"Uncle" Onslow - engineer on the Nakamuras' ship
Ernsto Mons, smuggler based in Zirconia, with a reputation for calm, swift violence
Jax, an ex-white-collar criminal from Avenir exiled as a hunter on Eclectia
Cara, a girl on Avenir
Pieter Kinsrol, a smuggler who is kind to orphans
Gryphon Silt, a historian in Zirconia
Tane, a hunter
Dressler, a hunter, father of Edilyn
Edilyn, Dressler's three-year-old daughter
Elmerin, a wizard retiring to Zirconia
Beach Ranks, a convicted cannibal (30 years ago)
Father Emil, a priest on Avenir (30 years ago)
Gunther, a peacekeeper on Avenir (30 years ago)
Smith, aged 14 Foundings (~18 Earth years), a leader and protector of orphans on Avenir
Tomika, a socially aware aristocrat on Avenir
Xavia, an aristocrat on Avenir
Trebs, a hunter, colleague of Dressler
Trail Boss Mike, a head cowboy based at Avenir
Sana Hitchens, a cowgirl
Krueger, a cowboy
Kate, an older orphan who takes care of the younger ones
Wallace, a gang leader on Avenir
Derin, a wizard who works undersea
Encimanion Coriander Peronnel, a wizard on Avenir
Kerin Rhi, an inmate of the Rich Men's Happy Bin on Avenir
Elsa, a hunter on Eclectia
Mary, Jax's wife, living on Avenir with her children
Amelia, a nurse on Avenir
Celeste, an artifact hunter in the caves near Adagio
Celia, Celeste's younger sister, at boarding school in Zirconia
Abbot Mary Chuck de Yeager (O.F.M.), head of the Abbey of Jerome on Sheba where living Bibles are trained
Douay Bede, a Manuscript or "Bible-in-training" (Douay version)
Brother Eustis, highly aged trainer of Bibles at Sheba
John Milton, an aristocrat on Avenir
Shouhei Fiko, a recently graduated Enforcer
Chief Romero, Enforcer Command Chief
Colonel Pietrov, a Peacekeeper
Maddie Vlox, pub owner in Adagio
Norquist Pomphee, Head of the Department of Materials at Trinity University, Christchurch, undersea Eclectia
Doctor Professor Erschreckendmann (Doctor E), Alchemy instructor, Dept. of Materials, Trinity University
Hacket, first-year prankster at Trinity University, Christchurch, undersea Eclectia
Dr. Kwame Singh, an academic studying Evolutionary Theology
Reeder, a messenger in Zirconia
Jereth, son of a corrupt administrator on Avenir, headed to Eclectia to escape
Jaren, his younger half-brother
Drake, a wizard on Avenir
Iri, an orphan on Avenir
Katha, a male angel of school age
Douay Charles Maria, a Bible sent to replace Brother Eustis as a trainer of Douay manuscripts
Cassie, a scientist in Zirconia
Jacien, a rich young thrill-seeker from Avenir attempting to kill an angel
Reece and Brett, brothers, miners of the Five Rims
Anya, a powerful Dreamer
Bokkasa, Governor of Sheba, on Carlston's Cove
Hortel, a Professor of Advanced Conjurment at Trinity University, Christchurch, with a levitation "problem"
Robear and Enya, a cyborg couple on Avenir
Hoepi, a female miner on Sheba
Micki, a one-armed miner on Sheba
Elihu Simmons, pastor in the community where Elsa lives on Eclectia
Bishop Cosgrove, leader of His Love Fellowship on Avenir
Tommy Rathman, ex-member of His Love Fellowship
Stony Oreman, an Enforcer and nearby neighbor of Tommy Rathman
Robin Corpsman, a young well-to-do archaeologist from Trinity University, a traveling lecturer
Kinsee and Mitchel Grant, and daughter Lessie (who was a school friend of Jereth), family based in Zirconia
Wizard Hobson, Ernsto's employer, experiments on angels and uses their power to control people
Wizard Raminoff, resident of Zirconia
Oolite-Head Marx, Survey contract field geologist; given name is "Harpo," after an ancient political philosopher having the same last name.
Roy Rogers Survey contract field geologist was named for the horse, "Roy," ridden by western star Trigger Rogers in a number of ancient vids whose soundtracks were reconstructed.