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The Avenir: was once a generation ship, now modified and placed in orbit as a space station. Has been expanded many times.
It includes various areas:
Level 170-180 includes meat market, orphan hideouts
Rich Men's Happy Bin, an asylum

Eclectia: The volcanic planet around which the Avenir orbits.

The land: Mostly arid ash plains with a few lush pockets and mountain ranges. Small settlements are bases for miners and meat collectors. Dangerously volcanic, it is subject to natural disaster at any time.

Adagio is one such settlement, in a rocky valley beyond a harbour. Watergates stand ready to seal off the valley in case of tsunami.

Tube Hill, a village near Adagio.

Five Rims of Mt. Olympus, a mining area originally settled by the Founders, but destroyed by volcanic activity. For more information, read Five Rims Lore & History.

The sea: Having less volcanic and seismic activity than the land in most places, it is a slightly safer location for the majority of planetsiders to live. However, the ocean is teeming with unknown creatures who have varying strong effects on the humans.

Undersea cities:
Zirconia is the nearest undersea city to Adagio in the Northern Polar Sea.
Port Xenia is another city in a different direction; often called Port X.
Christchurch is home to the Trinity University of Sciences and Arts, in the Southern Polar Sea.

Sheba: Site of a recent cataclysm, Sheba is a small satellite that has cracked in half, revealing gigantic lava seas. It is a rich source of iridium ore and is home to mining operations as well as an abbey. There is no atmosphere. Its lesser half is called Quatermain.

Abbey of Jerome: Built in abandoned Sheba mineshafts, this is where living Bibles go to be trained.

Carlston's Cove: Sheba's orbital spaceport, handling traffic and ore shipments

Space: Stories located neither on the Avenir nor a planet.