Want to get a reasonably fast overview of the Avenir Eclectia world? I've chosen some key episodes in which basic concepts are introduced - settings, character types, and so on. If you would like to write for us or follow along without having to catch up on absolutely everything, consider this your crash course intro. Potential contributors will need to read the Join Us page and should also be interested in the background blog at Links open in new tabs so you can come back here and continue.

Here we go...
Ale O'Clock: Basic isolation from Earth and efforts to remember; historian Gryphon Sylt and sub driver Eleon "Mac" McManus; Ocean Habitat (O-HAB) Zirconia.

Midnight Song: Wizard (scientist) Spiner and apprentice Gavin on Avenir station; the effects of sea creatures reaching into space.

Contact: Beetle hunters Dressler and Trebs, supernatural contact from undersea

The Final ApproachingEmpathic nature of some kinds of sea creatures (angels), and the wizards' quest to learn from them.

Joy: An angel's view of human thought.

Dreamer: Aristocrat John Milton and Dreamer Anya Sherikov, Avenir station, the nature of the colony as a whole.

Morning: Mining on broken moon Sheba

The Offering: Miners of the Five Rims; Nomads of the High Country

Word Carrier: Publication: Graduation time for the paperless, living Bibles at the Abbey of Jerome on Sheba.

Tomb Raider: The town of Adagio on Eclectia, artifact hunter Celeste, volcanic activity

Dodger: Orphans and gangs on Avenir station; carers Smith and Kate

The Window: Avenir station; orphan-carer Ave and cyborg Robear

Assignment: Enforcers

Cowboy: Ore herders working in space.

Changes: The wealthy Tomika finds a clue to her friend's husband's disappearance. Avenir station, aristocrats, bug hunting.

If anyone has a suggestion for a major topic not already covered here, please get in touch.